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Scorpio Blood Moon Eclipse

First of all, just the name of this lunar eclipse tells us some serious shit is going down. Scorpio? Blood? Something is going to die and it might not be pretty.

The thing is you probably already know what in your life will finally fizzle out and dissolve into a waft of smoke. You have been waiting for it to happen. You have been manifesting this shift through your thoughts of frustration, exhaustion and desire for it to end! The moment is finally here.

Just because it has been going on for a while doesn't mean that the ending will be comfortable. In some cases it will be a shock to the system.

Let's discuss some specifics of what will happen in the energetics of the sky...

BEFORE the eclipse:

The eclipse portal. We are ALL in the transition period between chapters of our lives. A very sensitive time.

Stay grounded during this time of uncertainty and change.

The changes that happen right now are purposely curated for our highest good.

Honor your human side, and remember that you are spirit in a body. There is a higher meaning to things that we can acknowledge along with the physical reality in front of us.

May 10th Mercury Retrograde in Gemini in the eclipse portal. Usually a potent retrograde because Gemini rules Mercury. Shadows reveal themselves. This is setting us up perfectly for the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse. You will experience an increase in psychic ability as well. Perfect!

Things may not have a lot of momentum right now. It might feel like efforts aren’t amounting to much. Though it's still an ok time to begin new projects, don’t expect too much to happen very quickly at first. Momentum is slow. We can take that time to integrate the changes brought from eclipse energies.

Big change, with slow momentum.

Total lunar eclipse in Scorpio May 15th-16th

This is a Blood moon which is a total lunar eclipse; the most potent type of lunar eclipse!

Moon in Scorpio at 25 degrees conjunct south node in Scorpio at 22 degrees

The Sun is in Taurus and the north node is also in Taurus.

Scorpio represents transformation and evolution in all facets of our lives.

This is a time to be honest about the energies in your life that have exhausted you. What is no longer resonant for you? Slow down and feel through it. The truth is within you. Take this opportunity to listen to your inner wisdom. Scorpio allows us to dive deeply into our psyche to face hard truths. Taurus in the north node signifies the values we want to keep. It encourages us to simplify and trust that what we want is enough and attainable.

Separation energy comes from Saturn’s placement here, which trines Scorpio and Taurus. It has also completed its 7 year cycle. Create space from the relationships that take a lot of your energy. Claim your space and focus on your individual path. Have the conversation you’ve been meaning to have. State the position you’re taking that everyone’s waiting for. Saturn tells us what’s working and what isn’t working. TRUTH! This is something that’s been swimming around for a while, rather than recently.

This also makes us look at what was going on in 2014, 7 years ago when Saturn began the cycle. What has evolved since then? Does it still serve you? Looks like it’s over. Time for a new 7 year plan.

Finances are highlighted with Scorpio and Taurus energies. Make choices NOW that will affect this 7 year cycle. Think long term.

Lovingly release parts of yourself that are clearly over. The things that feel really heavy.

Mercury retrograde makes us have a lot to say but not know how to say it.

Jupiter will give us the right idea and clear thinking. Be patient and let it arise. Confront with dignity and tact. Be mature! Be honest. Talk about facts, respectfully. Take ownership and responsibility of mistakes or difficult truths. This will make way to a more comfortable and aligned place.

I will hold space for ritual on May 15th at 2 PM Hawaii Time. Unfortunately I am not able to send a replay promptly enough, so if you sign up and have to miss it I will refund you your ticket payment in full.

This ritual will give us a chance to turn inward and check in with our deep truths. Then we can lovingly release the things we know in our hearts have played their part in our lives. The last phase is to embody the energies we want to grow in place of the things we have released.

You will need:





Burlap or paper bag

Essential Oils:

clary sage





tiger eye



Garden sage




This ritual will take 1 hour. Cleanse your space before performing your ritual.

$13 to attend

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