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July - Slow down and organize

Aloha witches!

June and the solstice is a juicy time of year! So many social gatherings and celebrations brighten the mood and remind everyone that life is sweet, especially with others to share the love. It was a huge climax of energy. Now think about solstice after care. Just like we treat our skin after lots of sun, how can we cool down parts of our lives that were revved up a little too much?

Take breaks throughout the days. It continues to get hotter and hotter! The momentum has gained intensity.

Cast magic that helps direct all this power. Set routines that will chip away at the work that still needs to be done. Organize your efforts as much as possible. Use this time wisely. The return on investment will really pay off. Remember that!

Some things to try:

Set a time every day to sit and create structure in your energy. Practice breath work, perhaps box breath? This will enhance your sense of balance.


Inhale 4 seconds

Retain the breath 4 seconds

Exhale 4 seconds

Retain the breath 4 seconds

Put on a timer for equal measures and stretch your body, one side and then the other. This will help create a naturally even rhythm in your energy.

Take breaks throughout the day for breath work or a little stretching.

Make a list of tasks you need to complete in order to reach a goal you have. Set due dates and deadlines in your calendar and brainstorm a structure to go step by step.

Get the same amount of sleep every night. Keep things as even and rhythmic as possible!

Lughnasadh comes up in early August, to remind us that our efforts pay off. Work will still go on, but it’s easier to see what it brings in.

Keep going, because results are inevitable!

Enjoy the summer breeze and rays of sunshine. Let them fill your cup and shine a light on all your talents that create the life you live!

Fill your free time with joy and adventure. Your work will carry that wonderful positivity into it.

Join me over at Blessings Cove to share your Solstice Altar, and other seasonal practices you’re putting into place.

I am excited to enjoy some new summer recipes that will help me nourish my body with the joyous energy of the season.

Also listen in for the next episode of Improve your Craft. I am always interested in interviewing practicing witches to share their insights with the rest of us! Email me to be featured on the show!

Thank you for your light lovely witches!

Blessed be <3

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