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The Real Bijou

Bijou Julia was a teacher and healer in South Jersey, and now resides on Maui, Hawai'i. Bijou connects with varying spiritual beliefs and philosophies. Her coaching reflect the influences of Wicca, Hinduism, the Medicine Wheel and Christianity to name a few. Her craft includes tarot, herbalism, reiki, yoga and more.  


Bijou's Spiritual journey has evolved over many years. Her connection with the Earth stems from severe allergies to synthetics of all kinds. Over the course of 4 years, she earned her aromatherapy certification, reiki I & II, herbalism certification and 200 hour yoga teacher training from local Master Healers! (Life-long learning builds health and happiness!)​


Maybe you have met Bijou at Anahata's Purpose Retreats, the Merchantville Market off Centre, The Rancocas Woods Artisan Shows, Bridal Shows at the Boathouse or attended an event at Blue Moon Wellness Spa, Blissful Yoga, Soulflower Yoga, or the Venus Moon.


​Bijou moved to Maui Hawai'i where she has created a new life foundation including new friends and a new healing style. She moved in order to access more healing that she needed. She was sick, with lots of body pain and blocks around personal relationships and money. Through intense self work, Bijou now feels in alignment with her health and also her social wellness. She had to learn to give herself what she needed, even if that was difficult sometimes.

Bijou's lifestyle has propelled into embodiment of a fuller expression. Tarot has become more prominent in her sharpening skills. Now she is teaching power vinyasa and yin yoga, giving live sound healings privately and at events, and is preparing to compete in amateur body building in the women's Bikini category.


​Despite many challenges and perceived blocks, Bijou navigated intense obstacles that sometimes still crop up, but she has the tools to treat them appropriately and keep the drama low. She feels confident and available to hold space for sisters on the journey. No one is ever perfectly finished or totally complete, but we can support each other as we go. ​Bijou is eager to share her tools with you that have taken years to integrate into life that is busy and goes by quickly!​


Currently, Bijou shares lots of love on Instagram and via the podcast Improve your Craft. Bijou offers lifestyle coaching and tarot readings. She also teaches yoga at Island Power Yoga on Maui, and provides sound and energy healing at the Fairmont Kea Lani Resort. You can book her for your own private custom session or for a wellness event with a group of friends!​


Her wish for you is to connect with your deepest peace with ease and grace through the craft of somatic healing and tarot.

Bijou's Qualifications

2016- Aromatherapy Certification- Aroma Studio


2017- Reiki Levels I & II- Blue Moon Wellness


2019- Yoga Teacher Training 200 hr- Blissful Yoga


2019- Herbalism Certification- Spirit to Sole Connection

2020- Restorative yoga with reiki teacher training- Glowing Heart Reiki

2023- Yin Yoga teacher training- Island Power Yoga

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