The Reiki Witch

Awaken your inner witch with me.

Reiki rituals for you to reclaim your magic.

✨ Gain confidence to use energy healing tools ✨

✨ Illuminate solutions to stress & disease ✨

✨ Become empowered to take the next steps on your journey ✨

You are worthy of peace & power!


Reiki Witch Rituals

Are you ready for real magic?

I lovingly hold ritual reiki sessions for anyone who is overwhelmed with dis-ease and wants to access healing from the inside out through the mind, body, spirit connection. Ritual reiki sessions provide a safe space with concise direction and a customized approach to gain confidence using energy healing tools that illuminate profound solutions towards lifelong wellness. Clients will feel empowered and ready to take the next steps on their journey.

I was lost in grief, feeling unwell and out of control. All it took was one reiki session to redirect my wellness towards personal power. Many things came into my life that supported my highest wellbeing once I opened myself up to energy healing. I desire to be there for my clients in their moment of need when they are ready to reclaim control of their energy and learn how to hold space for themselves. 


Merry Meet!

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Discover how a Blessings Reiki Session, Moon Magic Subscription or other program can help you feel empowered and in tune with your own magical practice!