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🌚 Taurus new moon and 🌞 solar eclipse PLUS 🪺 Beltane!

This is one of the most important weeks of the year! It will have MAJOR impacts on all dimensions of identity and life!

This is the most potent moment in Spring to commit to the beginnings you desire.

Taurus season and many planets in Pisces drive lots of focus on these two signs. Earth and water energies; very feminine, quiet and receptive. It wants us to slow down. You can stay present easier when you slow down. Taurus guides our sensual energy, our senses. It represents our body, the physical experience that our soul is having.

The solar eclipse and new moon bring balance to feminine and masculine energies. They will unite to create in harmony.

The Taurus new moon enhances our physical prosperity. It indicates that the tangible goals in our lives will thrive when chosen now. We lock in our creativity under the moon’s feminine energy.

The Taurus solar eclipse amps up the masculine side of Taurus, as we focus on the actions we need to take and make us more aware of our environment. Prepare to notice more what is and isn’t in alignment with where you live and where you spend your time.

Taurus asks us to reflect on what we consume, in all the meanings. What are you watching on TV? What are you reading? What are you taking in? Who are you spending time with?

Mercury in Gemini tells us not to take things too seriously. Remain adaptable and invite adjustments. We will be able to make sense of things taking place.

It’s time to decide what to do with the resources you have. What has been stagnant and where can you take initiative to put it to good use? Where is the potential and how can you take action on it?

Give yourself the space and time to choose the next steps wisely.

Bring presence into everything that you do! Enjoy and savor everything you take in, from your environment to food to people you love. <3

This Solar Eclipse is in Taurus, while also Venus conjuncts Saturn. We are blessed in all things we begin at this time.

It is a time to initiate actions towards a goal.

Beltane occurs on May 1st! The green man and the may queen maiden come together!

She comes up from underground. She is ready to go! She meets up with the green man. He has been overgrown for all of winter and she cuts away his overgrowth. They get married! They celebrate union. They celebrate resurrection. This reflects our natural evolution of shedding and rising again with new energy.

Step out of your old cloak. Release the idea of “this is how I am” and give yourself permission to keep things simple while also keeping them resonant with your absolute truth. What does your soul desire to express? How can you do that now that you no longer wear the cloak that’s always covered you up? What are you tired of holding yourself to? Release the grasp on those expectations.

Beltane marks mid Spring. It reminds us of the fertility within nature from which all life springs! Masculine and feminine energies come together as seen through traditions like the maypole. This part of the Wheel gives us a chance to acknowledge the new beginnings in our lives, and decide in which energy they will begin.

Drop a comment if you have new commitments or opportunities coming up… Or if you want to invite a new beginning into your life!


In this ritual we will cleanse our energy and attune to our guides as we align with our desires.

I will guide you through third eye and solar plexus activations. Prepare to activate your crystals, clear your mind from distractions, empower your confidence and burn a letter to turn intentions into reality with the transformative power of fire.

With the magic of journaling, candle spell work and BURNING we will tap into our creative willpower of the solar plexus chakra and ignite our masculine energy. We will declare our desires into reality.

Please bring any or all of the following:

Journal + pen

Smudge tool + lighter


Tiger eye


Smokey quartz

Red Jasper


Sweet orange essential oil

Patchouli essential oil

Clary sage essential oil

Join me in ritual virtually May 1st 12 PM HST

Click the link to register! ✨♥️✨

✨Time for magical updates!✨

The Reiki Witch has appointments available and a beautiful Moon Magic subscription service to enhance your magical practice!

My craft focuses on guiding rituals for personal empowerment. You can access this through a Blessings Reiki Session OR subscribing to Moon Magic.

I am ready and excited to share magical strategies that provide understanding of how to use magical tools and energy healing practices according to specific ailments and dis-ease. These techniques include essential oils and herbs, yogic pranayama, yoga asana, chanting, spirit guide work, candle magic, journaling, body work, tarot, oracle and much more!

No two sessions are the same! We begin with a grounding conversation and then dive into ritual with a distinct opening. Energy healing exercises and reiki meditation will fill the space and by the time we close space, you will notice incredible energy shifting.

You can purchase a 3 month journey that includes a Monthly Blessings Reiki session & access to Moon Magic ceremonies. I will be there every step of the way as your on call guide for anything that comes up in between sessions.

I am now offering sound healing in collaboration with Nadia Numinous Now Yoga every Wednesday at 5 PM at Baldwin Beach park in Paia, Maui, HI! This class is donation based :)

Watch my Facebook and Instagram stories to learn when I will be going LIVE for sound healing and meditation throughout the month.

This is such exciting stuff! I can’t wait to share it all with you!

❣️Thank you for following, staying connected and sharing this magic with the people in your life. ❣️

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