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Samhain and Scorpio Solar Eclipse

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Many blessings my dear witches!

This Samhain is very special because the Scorpio Solar Eclipse happens right before!

This moment is a MAJOR pivotal moment for all of us and society in general.

Look out for seeds of inspiration that indicate a new path or destination. Since this eclipse is in the sign of Scorpio, the themes around these seeds will most likely be around connecting to a higher level of our soul, connecting deeper with your self or uncovering some truth about yourself that will liberate you from illusion!

You may gain clarity around relationships. Whatever comes up at this time has been divinely supported by the eclipse energy to guide you towards better alignment with your self. Trust your intuition and the changes indicated because even though it is difficult to commit to the unknown, what has been playing out has served its purpose and it is time to begin anew. During this time, walking away from, or committing more to something will lead you to a longer term happiness. It is up to you to read the signals guiding you towards your better path.

Take note of the changes inspired at this time and hold tight for the following Lunar eclipse in November for more clarity around what needs to end in order for new things to begin.

Gather your intentions and set up your altar!

Samhain occurs on October 31st. The witches’ new year indicates the END of all the activity from the previous year; an end to the turn of the wheel that brought dreams to life! Now it is time to honor the pause in between breaths; the place where we can access etherial energies more readily than anywhere else.

On Samhain we attune to all the energies and entities beyond the veil to flow in harmony and oneness. We will connect with all our angels and guides to declare gratitude and intentions for this next phase of humanity!

This virtual sound healing will include prayers for peace and prosperity for each one of us and our Earth community. We will gather on October 31st at 8 AM Hawaii time (that's 2 PM EST) to meditate on peace and enjoy a sound healing that not only heals us, but heals the rest of us too. When one of us heals, we heal our lineage, our brothers and sisters and future generations as well.

Have ready a comfortable place to sit and lay down, a journal, magickal tools and tokens, representations of ancestors or spirit guides you would like to keep close, and a set of tarot or oracle cards if that is in your craft.

Blessed be!

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