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JUNE play and love

Aloha witches!

Happy JUNE!

I love June. It’s so juicy and sweet! I feel so playful during this time of year. And what better way to begin a sweet month than with a Strawberry moon? June 3 will fill us with playful and curious energy with a Full Moon in Sagittarius. FIRE ALERT! Challenges may arise. Success is found when playing with solutions. Enjoy the puzzle of life! Release the seriousness you attach to the challenge and relax into the creative process to figure it out.

The break from activity gives us a feeling of adventure and romanticism. School is out, people are going on vacation and gathering more with friends. Full Moon energy encourages the turn of a page. Notice the situations that conclude right now. Lovingly release whatever it is.

Keep an eye on your finances around June 5-6 when Venus moves into Leo. Whatever quality of energy your finances show these days will be an omen for the types of wounds to heal during this transit. Also, Venus will retrograde on July 23 which will slow down progress in the love department, and give some space to sort out misalignments.

Witching energy changes on June 17th when the SUN moves into GEMINI! Open your heart because things will get dynamic and romantic!

Everyone will shift into even more social energy. Interacting will be fun and full of growth. This is a time for new beginnings. Focus on self love and your intentions for the next relationship that you want. Honor your talents and value, regardless of your relationship status. Give love in all ways and show your Self devotion.

3 days later the Summer Solstice, Litha, lights the way. Let your burning heart’s desire out. Put it proudly on display. Your authenticity will be rewarded with BLISS. Don’t hold back. Say exactly what you want. Declare this desire into your reality. Share what you have to give to the world and prepare to receive your dreams in return.

Take time to check in with yourself to see if you are indeed in alignment. Great things happen when we tend to our energy.

I suggest a day of ARTFUL expression, with the intention of dedicating this expression to something or someone.

Make a painting, give it to a friend. Put a garden together to help feed someone. Host a free class or event.

I am very excited to host a Summer Solstice celebration this year. It will be very casual, though I hope to make it a space where we can all share our gifts. Maybe skill share style. This will be in person on Maui :)

A word of caution for the end of this month. Many planets will be in retrograde. Expect sluggishness more than usual. Be patient. Things will take a while to progress and play out. Keep up with your goals if you really want them to work out. New information will slowly arise that you will need in order to best more forward, so make moves carefully and if you don’t think you have enough information, just wait, and when it arrives you will know what to do. Let things unfold rather than force them along.

On the Blessings front…

I am grateful to still be teaching yoga at Island Power Yoga in Kihei, HI, and now also giving more private sessions at the Fairmont Kea Lani. I am looking forward to the Aromatherapy Workshop that I am holding there on June 7th!

Improve your Craft is also going strong! I am 2 episodes in and loooove the creative process. I love talking to people about this stuff! It’s so fun! My second episode showcased Ashley the Mystic of the Rainbow tarot and energy healer! She is adorable and so very wise. I can’t wait to interview more people. If you would like to be on the show, please reach out to me!

Catch me on video once a week on the Witching Hour! 9 AM HST every MONDAY! Moon day. magical day. We will chat, I’ll pull some cards.. it’s always a great time to connect together over all these magical topics.

I am always available for a private session! Virtually or in person, these moments make big energy shifts. Each session is unique to YOU and your needs.

Join me in Blessings Cove for the private forum conversations and benefits! We want to support your goals! Love love love!

Blessed be,


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