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Gemini Full Moon 12/7/22

Aloha witches!

Welcome to DECEMBER. Let's kick it off with a full moon, right?

I think it's a great juxtaposition of energy, to begin the year's last month with a full moon that lets us release pent up frustration and then enjoy a new moon right before the new year to jumpstart fresh energy.

The full moon is in the sign of Gemini, the airy twins. You may notice themes of communication becoming more apparent. People may be more vocal and expressive. People may put more intention and attention into their communication. People could also completely explode with things they've been dying to say!

So if this is you... be sure to keep yourself in check, rather than cause drama because you can't handle your own emotions!

Give yourself time and space to get curious about what you have been wanting to say...

This full moon invites you to make space for frustrated and fed up feelings. What has been agitating you? What have you been keeping to yourself that hasn’t allowed you to make a change in a certain situation that you can’t stand anymore?

This energy is a great time to journal, paint and outwardly express the frustration. Once you let it come up, it will be clear how to let it out.

Please enjoy this sound healing meditation. Use this time to go within, notice the sensations of the body and what they want you to notice about yourself, about how you have been feeling...

I know for me, I have noticed grief come up repeatedly. Especially in the form of tears. When this happens, I give myself permission to really, really CRY. To open my throat and wail it out. Squint my eyes, let my face get all mushed and let the tears flow. Even if it came out of "nowhere", it came up for a reason. My body was just dying to push this emotion out of me.

If I have time, I journal a bit once the strong wave of emotion subsides.


ReBOOT with me!

I am offering a chance to reset your nervous system every Tuesday at 11 AM HST, that's 1 PM PST and 4 PM EST! These ReBOOT rituals include an energy work warm up and a restorative yoga sound healing. You will leave with refreshed energy!

Yule Ritual 12/22/22

Yule calls in our wildest dreams! This is the darkest night where our inner light gets to be seen and honored! It is our own spirit and drive that will keep us warm through the winter. Connect with the element of fire to evoke your warmth, wisdom and POWER! Let your dreams run wild and bring faith back into your mind. Most importantly, believe in yourself, and believe in your dreams. The wisdom and empowerment gained at this time will project into this next Wheel of the Year. Enjoy the imaginative energy here, with no pressure to create anything just yet. Time to play!

In this Ritual we will use candle magick, guided visualization and art therapy to invigorate our creativity, playfulness and inner wisdom.

Blessings Coven- an online community

Next month I will officially be opening the Members area of to Blessings Coven members! It is free to join and gain access to my exclusive meditations, coven chats and rituals and take part in a community of witches, babies and seasoned, who desire connection with other magickal folks. It is a place to ask questions, share your practice, receive support through tough times, make friends, family and share love between us, in the spirit of Wicca, witchcraft and empowerment.

I hope you can join my coven for a ReBOOT and the Yule Ritual! Keep a look out for my grand opening of the Blessings Coven online community.

Thank you for supporting Bijou Blessings with your time and attention.

Many blessings,


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