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Cosmic Renewal

March brings intense energy shifts... expect things to shake up a bit and then settle into new places. Sometimes we need a little update. Think of this month as just that. An upgrade in perspective and relationships! Yes, that might mean having to say farewell to familiar and comfortable situations, but on the other side we will feel even more happy and free. So this could be really good news if you have been feeling low, stuck and / or dissatisfied with certain things the past few years.

For me, I welcome this rejuvenation.

The last year has brought me to a place of wonder and trust.

I let go of ALL my security by quitting my job and moving to a new place. And I am ready to fully bloom into my new foundation that I have consciously curated towards my highest goals and deepest desires.

The March 7th full moon in Virgo highlights the importance of intuition. Only you can know what you need and value, and only you can make the decisions that align with yourSelf.

Embrace the nurturing energy of Virgo and nourish yourself as much as you can under this full moon cycle. Find ways to support yourself that you can maintain throughout this month and all the challenges it will bring.

You have all the answers you seek. You have the wisdom to understand how to meet your own needs. Follow all the calls you receive. Explore the little messages and what they have to say. Tune into your body and its somatic intelligence.

This is a great time to make resolves to break unhealthy habits. These will be intuitively obvious to you. Don't overthink this one. Choose achievable goals and nurture yourself though the difficulties of sticking to a new routine or pattern. This can be especially difficult if it is a thought pattern you want to redirect. Stay with it! You are wholly supported by the cosmos!


March 20-23 We will experience the Vernal equinox, the beginning of Aries season with an Aries NEW MOON.... AND Pluto's massive shift from Capricorn into Aquarius. Pluto only shifts every 13 - 20 years. Since it carries rebirth vibes, we will ALL feel a BIG CHANGE! These are huge transitions, stemming from the depths of our soul and psyche. Expect to have a brand new perspective on a variety of things, which of course will trigger changes in your more superficial reality.

The equinox marks the movement into the Spring season and the day when light and dark equally shine. Balance and equilibrium seem a little easier to achieve at this time.

Use this equanimity as you navigate what lies ahead.

Aries season starts off with a bang in the form of an Aries NEW MOON that brings with it a boldness and passion that helps you stay true to your authenticity. This is fantastic energy in which to start a new cycle like this Pluto movement. Celebrate yourself at this time! The energy you choose to be in now will dictate the tone of the next 20 year Pluto cycle. Aries can really support you to put yourself first, to stand in your power and to create from your soul's intuition and purpose.

Remarks on healing...

I suggest employing somatic awareness exercises, especially at the beginning of the month. Journal every day to keep a pulse on your emotions and the difficult feelings that arise. That is where you need to send all that loving energy!

Set aside a special time to connect with nature. Listen to the wind. Roll around in the dirt. Press your hands to the Earth and feel her heartbeat. This will keep you grounded as your etherial mind undergoes massive changes.

You can use bumble bee breath, cedar wood essential oil and restorative yoga as well. These will help you detox the past so that you can move forward more easily.

May you heal deeply and rise up to your highest vibrancy!

Many blessings to you all,


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