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Curing Foot Dis-Ease

Hey loves!

Today I am going to boldly say that I cured my feet of a bacterial infection. Pitted Keratolysis. It presents as pits in the skin and is pretty uncomfortable. There are a few more symptoms explained in my story below.

Image of Pitted Keratolysis

I noticed it in January, after I had just spent a few months treating athlete's foot and swollen toes. This past school year has been hell on my feet, being a mobile teacher, standing most of the day, and getting steps in all around the institution that is an American High School. For the first half of the school year, I was feeling exhausted and unhappy, and worried about my health. I have to wear closed toed shoes at work, and by the end of the day my feet felt mucky, sweaty and smelly. I knew there was a problem with my feet when they stank all the time. It was the most distinctive symptom that made me think something was wrong. When I went to yoga class, I felt like everyone could smell my feet. I could smell my feet stink on my mat when I put my face and hands down. It was really unhealthy but I only realized it was due to an infection when I noticed the tiny tiny holes in the soles of my feet and on the skin of my toes. It seemed to be spread all over the weight bearing places of my feet AND at the base of my big toe and second toe in. My feet were terribly itchy too. At work I'd find a place I could take my shoes off and either switch socks or scratch my itchy feet. At night I'd be scratching my feet before bed. It was really bizarre. My body was definitely telling me to pay more attention to my feet and give them more love. I believe I had what is called Pitted Keratolysis, a bacterial infection made worse from damp environments, like sweaty feet stuffed in closed toed shoes and socks all day.

So, I took a few measures to try to kill the bacteria holistically. Out of the shower, I would pat apple cider vinegar on my feet. Or any time I felt icky feet. If was going straight into my day then I put a layer of rock salt deodorant on the bottom of my feet. This prevents bacteria from growing, reduces sweaty feeling, itching and smell. Then I put powder if I am wearing socks that day. At nighttime, I ran extremely hot water with epsom salt and 20 drops of eucalyptus oil. Thyme, basil and clove are also great options to kill bacteria and fungi of all kinds. I soaked my feet for about 20 minutes in water as hot as you can stand. Afterwards, I put my feet up! Spraying the bottom of my feet with colloidal silver. Let dry. Apply eucalyptus, or any other anti-bacterial oil mentioned mixed in coconut oil to the bottom of my feet and put on a breathable pair of socks. Best done before bed. Also, during my asana yoga practice, I focused on the pose Sarvangasana, or shoulder-stand. This pose is noted to heal dis-ease of the feet. I practiced this pose for about 5 minutes every day.

List of daily practices:

  • Epsom salt foot baths in very hot water with eucalyptus or anti-bacterial, anti-fungal essential oil

  • Salt deodorant on feet before applying powder or at least once a day

  • Spray feet with colloidal silver 2 times a day

  • Apple cider vinegar, pat on foot

  • Eucalyptus or other oil in coconut on feet

  • Shoulder-stand yoga pose or any other restorative inversion

  • Go bare foot as much as possible

  • Clean tub and floors often

  • Drink lots of water

It took about 2 months for my feet to grow new skin back, but the results are undeniable. My feet do not smell, don't feel sweaty and gross, don't itch. All the symptoms disappeared, and my feet look and feel healthy again. I still use salt deodorant on my feet, clean my bathtub and floors frequently and I do epsom foot baths a few times a week. It's the best new habit that came from all of this. I take mindful measures to maintain stability and proper foot health. SO IMPORTANT! Because all the health it's holding up, the rest of your person, depends on the health of your foundation.

These are little things that reverberate into your overall health, Mind, Body, Spirit. Since healing my feet, I feel totally transformed in my attitudes towards my job, my financial status, my place in my community and my ability to accomplish daily tasks. My job is now a place I can express creativity in connecting with our world rather than overridden with fear preventing productivity. I have developed balance in my attachments to things I believe I need to support my existence, as well. This is especially liberating. Coincidentally, these are all concepts relating to the Root Chakra. I explore these concepts in my upcoming book Chakra Yoga for Teen Empowerment. It is always a feeling of awe to see the Truth of Yoga manifest in your journey so quintessentially. I hope to guide teens, and beings of all ages, to higher awareness via Chakra exploration. Publication anticipated in August 2019!

I practiced the steps to heal my feet from January 2019 to March 2019, 2-3 months total, and the Pitted Keratolysis healed. I continue to practice holistic hygienic habits to maintain a l healthy bacteria environment on my feet, to reduce dis-ease in my feet and essentially my Root Chakra. My favorite new habit are epsom salt foot baths. They are so indulgent and rejuvenating, grounding and stabilizing. I love them so much that I now vend an amethyst and lavender foot soak! Ask me about it next time you catch me at an event. Check out my homepage for event dates and details!

Please let me know if you have a similar issue, how you treated it at home, and/or if you want to try this system for your own Root Chakra healing! Detox the ick!!

Many Blessings,


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