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The Miracle of FIR

Hey loves!

I'm starting this post with an anecdote. I hope that it resonates.

About a year after graduating college, I became depressed. I had no plan, no counsel, and had been in a toxic relationship for 3 years. Being less connected to my Spirituality at that point, I filled my time with working at a restaurant and doing lots of drugs. Not helpful, considering, if you've ever worked in the restaurant scene, you'll know it's a party candy playground. Fun fact: A good percentage of the people serving your food is high. (At lease in SJ...)

I had been thinking about what to do with my Bachelor of Arts degree in French Linguistics…. Clearly I had been lacking guidance for a very long time. A relative encouraged me to get my teacher certification, but I didn't have enough money to go back to school, and honestly had no idea how to begin shifting my energy to even be a reliable person teachers need to be. I did some research and it turns out I needed to jump through a thousand hoops to go the Alternate Route to teaching… lacking confidence in myself, I didn't ever think that would actually happen for me.

My absurdly abusive relationship ended in the Fall, which landed right at the beginning of cold, long nights and shorter hours of Sun. I was in a perfect storm for self-destruction, because I was living in my parent's house surrounded by even more abusive relationships and surrounding myself with energy sucking addicts and fiends.

Thankfully, I have always been a vain person. A regimented fitness routine, that coincidentally included yoga, was a consistent part of my life, pretty much always. Even with something so positive at my disposal, I wasn't turning anything around. In the dead of Winter, I couldn't take the self-pity anymore and found a nearby tanning salon. INSTANT ADDICTION has never happened to me quite like that before. I went to the tanning salon a couple times a week for... a while.

Looking better definitely boosted my mood, won't lie. I love feeling like I look healthy and vibrant! (Who doesn't??) I ditched my restaurant job for a nanny gig, and began a heart opening journey that led me to experience family, love and support in a new and transformative way. With the new energy of this family in my life, I began teaching ESL classes to graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania, AND I took the French teaching PRAXIS exam. I felt so good that I planned a 2 week trip to Montréal for myself! (My vacation is a WHOLE other anecdote!) While having the time of my life in Montréal, I got the test results and I had passed the 5 hour French assessment I had to take to qualify for my teaching certificate. Talk about the VORTEX! All my angels were on deck, and so was I. Finally. Everything had come into alignment.

I'm not saying tanning beds are healthy! BUT! The take-away is that a little heat and feel good vibes influenced my mood and self-awareness enough to shift my energy and my motives! Even the act of making it a point to go to the salon in order to give myself therapy to feel better is a HUGE energetic dose of medicine.

Tanning beds, though, DO NOT EMIT FIR RAYS.

Far Infrared (FIR) light rays. Many have heard of this amazing modality. Naturally sourced from the Sun, it exists beyond the red spectrum in the prism of light. It is WARMER than the light we see, and does not damage your skin or organs the way high frequency UV rays do. (tanning bed oopsie)

SAFE Sun is now a staple in our life, which is great! There is also a way to take in FIR vibrations without the Sun!

China and Japan have been using hot Jade stones to produce this FIR light naturally and improve the health of millions of people! This knowledge is becoming more widespread with the implementation of FIR saunas, and now heated crystal mats! Leading me to my second anecdote...

My first therapy session on a large amethyst mat was at Blue Moon Wellness, shown to me by my now very dear friend, Janet Toner. I had stumbled into Blue Moon looking for CBD oil, which had at the time helped me with very serious depression related to grieving the passing of my mother. I had passed the spa many times with intrigue, but on this day, I decided to make it a point to stop in. Janet didn't have any CBD, but she showed me around and I was absolutely in the right place for my soul at that moment. I saw a beautifully crafted Himalayan salt therapy room, 2 gorgeous reiki healing rooms, a pristine FIR sauna and a cozy large amethyst mat. When she told me what the mat does, I booked an appointment for the very next day.

My session lasted 1 hour. Janet was so kind to me when I came in and set me up with lots of care. The mat was warm, I was instantly at ease. It's a little bit like a deprivation tank, where you are in a quiet, dark space, fully supported by all the energy around you. I meditated and slept and had visions and experienced subtle but important energy shifts. I cried. I smiled. And when I got up, I felt like a cloud, flowing gently, high in the sky.

I came out and sat down, and hung out with Janet for a little bit. Drinking lots of water after a session is essential to aid the detoxifying processes boosted by the FIR mat. There isn't much way to measure exactly how and when it "healed" me, but I will say that I received a vibration from this mat that I wasn't getting from any other healing modalities at the time. It was also a great shift to now have a space I can go to for healing in that way. The hot amethyst mat was almost calling to me the day I made it a point to walk inside Blue Moon. It attracted me like a magnet and served as an anchor for my healing.

After visiting Blue Moon for about 8 or 9 months, I decided to invest in my own heated crystal FIR mat. I did some research on them and they are not cheap! I went with a Mini Charmed FIR mat made of amethyst and tourmaline for around $300 but with absolutely NO regrets. I sleep with this thing every night in the Winter! And I've taken it camping when there is an electric source. I've taken it to people's houses, and to festivals too! I haven't met anyone that didn't enjoy it, but I have met many who were first timers on one!

Scientifically proven benefits of FIR therapy, and therefore hot crystal mats:

  • Enhances blood circulation

  • Reduces pain and inflammation

  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system

  • Eases joint stiffness and inflammation

  • Revitalizes skin cells

  • Aids in the elimination of heavy metals

  • Invigorates liver and kidney function for detoxification

  • Increases white blood cell count

  • Increases enzyme activity and metabolism

  • Heals scar tissue

  • Much more!

The benefits are countless and the adverse reactions are non-existent. FIR therapy mats will eventually become a regular commodity in health and wellness in the home. My cats love it, I love it, and it's healing vibration has become stronger as time goes on.

For us energy workers, the mat speaks to me on a Spiritual level. Our bodies reflect the energetic health of our Spirit. When our Spirit is unwell, so too is our body. When our body is unwell, this is a message that our Spirit needs healing. These mats produce healing vibrations. No doubt about it. And the more I've given reiki to people laying on mine, the more interesting and intense my healing sessions are! I receive clearer messages when using it, and my clients seem open to and transformed by it's light. Often their ailments subside completely or significantly, along with the limiting beliefs that cause the pain in the first place.

Much like the warmth of our mother's arms comforts a child, the warmth of FIR rays comfort and subside the deepest sorrows and the sharpest pain. One session on the mat can shift the direction of your healing. Many sessions can transform your foundation and change your DNA! All this molecular therapy can shift the energy in your energetic body and by rejuvenating the cells in your body, therefore transmute your DNA from unhealthy to healthy cells! This therapy is a great way to supplement psycho-therapy, chemo-therapy, rehabilitation therapy and honestly any healing anyone is going through.

I hope you share with me your experiences with FIR therapy or ways you would like to try getting some good rays!

Many Blessings! Bijou

Meditation and Healing Jam at Blue Moon!

Meditation and Healing Jam at Blue Moon

Janet and I at Blue Moon

Janet and I at Blue Moon Wellness Spa

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