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Beware of Grapefruit Seed Extract!

Hey loves!

Please be aware, I am not trying to ruin your day but help you avoid unknowing chemical contact!!!

Through my research in my herbalism course at Spirit to Sole Connection, I have been snooping around Jim McDonald's website. This Master Herbalist's articles are full of academic studies and research results. His article on Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) really caught my attention. Not only because of the surprising chemicals present in all commercial GSE, but also because it indicates that many people who strive to stay as chemical minimal as possible are sabotaged by misleading and targeted advertising.

GSE production process produces a synthetic preservative and antimicrobial called BENZETHONIUM CHLORIDE. It disrupts the endocrine system (hormones), and irritates the skin. When consumed by the human body, one will experience changes in hormonal balance, which includes mood changes, acne and skin problems, changes in appetite or metabolism, changes in sleep patterns and energy levels and many other side effects that can permanently affect the body and reproductive system. This is not the only dangerous chemical produced or added during processing.

This is an example of how GSE is sold, recommended, with no disclaimer that there is a powerful endocrine disrupter present, in fact there is no ingredient list present at all! Neither is there a link to the manufacturers website for more information. This is Amazon's choice product. "NutriBiotic- Where science works naturally" Even the brand suggests that they support natural processes and choices. What can you identify from the label which indicates that they are targeting all-natural and chemically conscious consumers? The info includes "vegan" and "made without GMOs" but at the end of the day, if you're consuming endocrine disrupters anyway, how is this product any better?

The NutriBiotic website had no more information than Amazon's purchasing page. It is deplorable that a company posing to be so pure does not include the specific chemical compounds present in GSE.

How many products do you go to thinking the label is convincing enough? Or because other people swear by it? Generations have used it? A website or celebrity featured it? You read the ingredients but may not be sure which chemicals are natural, or safe, or appropriate, and which chemicals are unnatural or dangerous. Be aware BENZETHONIUM CHLORIDE is not OK. Check out some labels you have around the house and see what else it may be hiding in!

Knowledge is power and the more you know about the ingredients the better you can discern for yourself which products to pick up. Better yet, make them yourself!

Many Blessings,



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