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Great and Powerful Clove

Clove Bud Oil

Hey loves!

I think this time of year can get congested with complications and overstimulation. So to keep it simple with your self-care routine, switch out Clove Bud Oil to replace the myriad of oils typically used to balance our ailments.

Clove Bud Oil is the most versatile oil out there! And it isn't usually very expensive either at $8 for 15 ml! It is warming, cleansing, numbing and balancing. Clove has been widely used for dental care, alleviating toothaches and preventing bacterial and fungal infection. It is an important ingredient in mouthwash!

Clove Bud Oil is one of the main ingredients in an ancient recipe known as Thieves Oil. It's use in history dates back to Ancient Egyptians, Indians and beyond.

Clove bud oil is known to ...

  • relieve nausea, bloating, and many digestive issues

  • opens the respiratory system

  • increases blood circulation

  • relieves pain

  • reduces anxiety

  • increases concentration

  • boosts the immune system

  • treats acne

  • cleans wounds

  • relieves bruises

  • increases sex drive

  • relieves asthma

  • promotes hair growth

  • controls blood sugar

  • cleanses the liver

  • so many things!

Clove Bud Oil also embodies the Spirit of the Clove Flower. Energetically, Clove Bud is an old friend and mentor. It feels comforting and encouraging, as if to say to us "Get moving and achieve all that you know you can!" Clove Bud instills courage and intuition, allowing one to move forward in the path of trust and knowing. It deepens meditation and activates the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakra. It can be used by empaths and psychics as energetic protection from negative and energy sucking entities!

So if you're feeling fatigued, congested, disorganized, anxious or just want a punch of clove to the system, put a couple drops of oil on a cotton ball and inhale gently into the nostrils, being careful not to touch the pure oil to your skin. If you get any on your hands be sure to wash with soap afterwards. Repeat every hour until serious relief sets in.

If you are having digestion issues or want to apply topically be sure to take a small spoonful of coconut oil and mix with 3-5 drops of oil. Apply this mixture to your belly area, or elbow cracks, neck and collar bone, heart center, back of neck and bottoms of feet for best results.

You can always diffuse clove too! Mix with sweet orange or vanilla for a pleasant aroma! Clove Bud Oil also blends well with basil, rosemary, rose, cinnamon, grapefruit, lemon, nutmeg, peppermint, orange, lavender, and geranium.

Be careful before you give it to people because some may be allergic to clove! Also it's contraindications include skin irritation, danger to pregnancy and seizure disorders. Always test small amounts before using at full dilution.

Please enjoy our friend Clove Bud, for he enjoys keeping us warm during this time of year! Share with me your favorite way to use it!

Many Blessings!



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