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The Beginning of Herbalism for Bijou

Today marks the beginning of an amazing experience that I am stoked to share!

I have been accepted to Spirit to Sole's 1 year Herbalism Course! This initiates me into the realm of herbalism. It is an honor to be accepted and exciting to have picked a direction to take in my holistic healing education. There will be classmates that I hope to be lifelong connections and partners in growth!

You know it's right when it just feels right.

Jeannie has a positive perspective on teaching and sharing her "tools" as she put it :) it was so refreshing to see openness from the leader of the tribe. I'm stoked to be in the tribe!!

My aromatherapy practice has grown more and more sophisticated in the past couple years. I cannot wait to expand on this progress and exploration through an herbal medicine education.

I will record progress on this journey as the year goes by. Our first meeting is March 18th!

I know every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a Spirit, has a name.

- Pocahontas

Many Blessings!


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