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E.O. for Women's Health

I find that there is a plethora of information about women's health out there, and when you finally visit the doctor, they prescribe you medicine before attempting natural solutions. So take your health into your own hands before resorting to pills and man made drugs. When it comes to essential oils and your most delicate feminine power, you must take great care, and never use pure oils!!

General Safety Information:

Essential oils must be diluted with a carrier oil such as olive, coconut, sunflower, grapeseed or jojoba oils.

The essential oils listed here are safe for during pregnancy, however must be used with extreme caution and dilution. About 15-30 drops per ounce of carrier, and half of that for pregnant women.

How to use:

  • drop 5-10 drops in a diffuser, bath or shower

  • mix with a carrier oil and apply to the body or the bottoms of your feet

  • mix with distilled water for a spray

Individual oil properties

Chamomile-floral, cooling

  • Alleviates genito-urinary infections, PMS tension and pain, and labor anxiety, increases menstrual flow

Clary Sage- floral, warming

  • Increases flow of stuck energy, strengthening and relaxing, alleviates PMS tension and pain, dulls pain during labor, eases hot flashes

Cypress- foliage, cooling

  • Alleviates PMS and menstrual pain and reduces menstrual flow, eases hot flashes

Jasmine- floral, warming

  • Brings euphoria during labor, enhances strength and relieves emotional exhaustion, aphrodisiac, alleviates frigidity, increases menstrual flow

Geranium - floral, cooling

  • Balances heavy or scanty menstrual flow, eases anxiety during labor, eases infertility, menopausal symptoms and PMS

Lavender- floral, cooling

  • Alleviates PMS tension and pain, alleviates genito-urinary infections and herpes, eases labor pains and menopausal hot flashes

Neroli- floral, cooling

  • Eases labor anxiety, PMS and menstrual cramps, menopausal hot flashes, and pregnancy anxiety, instils comfort and strength

Palmarosa- grass, cooling

  • Alleviates genito-urinary infections, PMS tension and pain and pregnancy anxiety

Patchouli- foliage, warming

  • Alleviates genito-urinary infections and herpes, itching, and hemorrhoids, aphrodisiac, alleviates pregnancy depression

Rose- floral, cooling

  • Reduces menstrual flow and menopausal hot flashes, PMS and menstrual pains, alleviates labor anxiety, aphrodisiac

Tea tree- foliage, warming

  • Alleviates bacterial and fungal infections, herpes and itching

Vetiver- root, cooling

  • Calms, uplifts, strengthens, increases oestrogen and progesterone, alleviates PMS tension and menopausal pains, increases menstrual flow

Yarrow- herbal, cooling

  • Alleviates PMS and menstrual pain and genito-urinary infections, increases menstrual flow

Ylang Ylang- floral, cooling

  • Cools down states of agitation, aphrodisiac, alleviates frigidity and pregnancy anxiety and depression

Quick Combinations for specific uses

PMS - chamomile and cypress. geranium and vetiver. Apply with a carrier, diffuse or put in the bath or shower.

Frigidity- jasmine and /or rose and/or ylang ylang. Apply with a carrier, diffuse or put in the bath or shower.

Genito-Urinary infections- lavender and/or tea tree and/or patchouli. Apply with a carrier.

Herpes- patchouli, tea tree and lavender. Apply with a carrier.

Labor- rose chamomile and/or clary sage and/or jasmine and/or geranium. Apply with a carrier or diffuse.

Pregnancy- ylang ylang and/or neroli and/or palmarosa. Apply with a carrier, diffuse or put in the bath or shower.

Menopause- clary sage and/or cypress and/or vetiver. Apply with a carrier, diffuse or put in the bath or shower.

Please share your combinations and how they work for you! Today I blended grape seed oil with Patchouli, Lavender, Clary Sage, and Ylang Ylang for some PMS relief!

Many Blessings to you all!! <3

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