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Client Testimonials

Straight From the Source

What did you enjoy most about the session?

Bijou's guidance through each experience! She makes it easy to follow what to do for each service I've received! It's always extremely relaxing and stress-free!

Janeen Hovnanian

Why would you recommend Bijou's healing services to someone else?

Bijou does an incredible job explaining the process and tailoring her approach to your needs. Start to finish it felt totally custom for me.

Sarah Menaquale

First off, I really appreciate Julia’s very balanced energy and all around vibe that she brings into her work. I have had Reiki done and I have been to her events and I always feel great after leaving. Her events can be easy going, fun and creative and also very spiritual and meditative. I think that’s the balance I love. I highly recommend any of Julia’s essential oil products as well. They are made with love and purpose. She made me a special blend to help move me past an incident in my life and I literally couldn’t stop smelling it for a month or so... it really helped! Thanks for everything Bijou Blessings!

Julia Lebonitte

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