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Why Use Rosewater?

Hey loves!

Rosewater seems to be the simple solution to many health problems. It's benefits range from skin solutions to relieving headaches. You may even have this beautiful flower in your garden now! Imagine following a few simple steps to access a powerfully healing medicine that could replace countless pharmaceutical drugs.

We begin with the rose flowers. Pick them fresh. Thank them for their life and infuse your intention in them! Fill a measuring cup with petals. Steep the petals in 2 cups of simmering water for 30 minutes. Strain the petals out and can the water until you want to bottle and use it.

That is literally it.

Now you know exactly where your rosewater came from and how it was made and by whom it was made!

The traditions of using rosewater go back through the cultures of the Middle East. It is very hot and dry over there and an abundance of roses grow! So beautiful that they discovered a sweet and gentle medicine in this hearty, thorny shrub!

The benefits of Rosewater are…


It is great for soothing tired, dry or inflamed skin. The cooling effect it has sinks into the skin and is absorbed gently layers deep.


It eases nervous system tension and relaxes muscles. The relaxation it brings helps bring on sleep, and relieve anxiety, panic, and grief.


It cleanses and nourishes open skin and mucous membranes. It is also very gentle so it won't sting or cause too much pain while doing it's work.


It has cooling qualities that help the body placate oppressively hot environments. It is a great way to keep you and your family cool during the hot months while reducing their exposure to chemicals.

Protecting yourself from harmful chemicals

Think of all the things people could use to address these problems. The countless skincare products that make unrealistic promises. The pharmaceutical companies that charge top dollar for medicines that have a billion more scary side effects than people never talk about or acknowledge. We wouldn't want that sugary cold snack in the summer if we kept cool with a simple rosewater spray.

Skincare companies create products that are not regulated at all to uphold standards for ingredients. Many harmful chemicals can be found in everyday things people use from hand sanitizer to shampoo. The industry allows companies to mislabel it's products. As in they can write "natural" on something that contains synthetic and harmful chemicals.

To avoid skincare company scams or pitfalls, make your own rosewater or purchase some from a trustworthy, perhaps locally sourced, herbalist.

It smells great and has been used on this earth way longer than the products we find in plastic packaging in overpriced pharmacies!

So are you now a little more inspired to try? Knowing how simple it is to make this lovely herbal medicine? Which problem can it help solve for you?

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Many Blessings!


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