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Virgo Full Moon 3/18/22

✨ Virgo Full Moon 3/18/22 ✨

First of all, this full moon is preceded by a few beautifully charged cosmic events.

On the 8th of March the Sun aligns with Neptune. This allows us to manifest very powerfully. Be sure to connect with the love in your heart as you visualize whatever you would like to grow in your life. Wherever you want to feed energy, think of this as fertilizer for all the things currently active. Your focus will feed the flow though. Spend time not only visualized but sitting with the feelings you will feel when you have more of what you want. Be careful not to dwell in resentments or grief, since that will also magnify under this energy.

Then Neptune aligns with Jupiter on the 12th of April. It is a rare happening, and signifies intense collective spiritual awakening. The love that you cultivate will hold soft safe space for your realizations to surface. Continue your visualization exercises. Focus on what you want to expand in your life!

On the 18th of April, the moon goes full in the sign of Virgo at 27 degrees, trining Pluto in Capricorn. At the tail end of Pisces season, we can benefit from the soft, sensitive energies before charging into Aries season’s fiery, action packed essence. This is a moment of pause before deciding how to take action on all the realizations we’ve had.

This moon is about feeling whole in ourselves. It brings us back to our root truths. We should sit with yourselves, with our present feelings, and approach ourselves with support. This is a time to look at transformation in a new way. Transformation here can mean, not changing ourselves but returning home to ourselves. Transforming our beliefs that we need to fit a mould towards believing that we are already awesome and enough. Transforming our inner world into a peaceful loving place where we accept our authenticity, with love and affection. It is time to admit what we have been denying or drop what we have been forcing! Cultivate a safe space for yourself to sit and connect with your POWER. The power that comes from shining your unique light into the world. Even if that means losing friends, a job, or anything else that attaches you to and “identity” that is out of alignment.

There may be some heartache woven into this experience. It is not always easy to face the truth. Find the courage to admit things to yourself and everything else will fall into place. It will be easier to express yourself to the world once you have fully given yourself permission to do so towards yourself!

✨ Some journal prompts for this moon:

  1. Which daily experiences feel out of alignment? How can I adjust them?

  2. Where am I forcing things in my life?

  3. Which emotions am I judging myself for feeling?

  4. What spiritual teachings inspire me? How can I embody them more?

  5. What is something I can physically DO that will give more safety to this world and show who I am? (gardening, volunteering, art, cleaning/organizing, helping someone in need)

✨ For this moon you will need:

  • candle

  • smudge

  • journal

✨ Crystals:

  • quartz- clears energy

  • black tourmaline- protection & safety

  • red jasper- grounding & safety

  • tiger eye- empowerment & courage

✨ Essential oils:

  • frankincense- grounding & divine

  • cedar wood- grounding & divine

The 20th of March marks the beginning of Aries season! It is also the Vernal Equinox. While we evaluate if our efforts and relationships are well calibrated, we also get ready to throw passion into all we do!

This is a great time to prioritize your energy budget. How many fucks do you have to give and where will you give them? Is your masculine and feminine energy balanced? Are you taking action on your dreams or just dreaming? Are you doing a lot of action but lack vision? Tune into these answers, and work with Vernal equinox energy to give yourself a healthy start of Spring and Aries season. You can do this by practicing balancing yoga poses, using alternate nostril breathing, creating a symmetrical altar that represents masculine and feminine energies equally and take creative breaks while you are working.

May you be blessed with a wonderful Virgo full moon and start to Aries season & Spring!

✨ Time for magical updates! ✨

I am preparing for a TRANSFORMATION!

Bijou Blessings' website evolves WEDNESDAY 3/16/22!

I am ready to come out of the broom closet!

I am Bijou Blessings the Reiki Witch! Ready to share magical rituals with all of you!

My craft focuses on guiding rituals for personal empowerment. You can access this through a Blessings Reiki Session OR subscribing to Moon Magic.

I am ready and excited to share magical strategies that provide understanding of how to use magical tools and energy healing practices according to specific ailments and dis-ease. These techniques include essential oils and herbs, yogic pranayama, yoga asana, chanting, spirit guide work, candle magic, journaling, body work, tarot, oracle and much more!

No two sessions are the same! We begin with a grounding conversation and then dive into ritual with a distinct opening. Energy healing exercises and reiki meditation will fill the space and by the time we close space, you will notice incredible energy shifting.

You can purchase a 3 month journey that includes a Monthly Blessings Reiki session & access to Moon Magic ceremonies. I will be there every step of the way as your on call guide for anything that comes up in between sessions.

I am now offering sound healing in collaboration with Nadia Numinous Now Yoga every Wednesday at 5 PM at Baldwin Beach park in Paia, Maui, HI! This class is donation based :)

Watch my Facebook and Instagram stories to learn when I will be going LIVE for sound healing and meditation throughout the month.

This is such exciting stuff! I can’t wait to share it all with you!

❣️ Thank you for following, staying connected and sharing this magic with the people in your life.❣️


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