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November Newsletter

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Aloha witches,

How's the season been? With eclipse season and elections and everything being so intense, I can imagine if you feel a bit like your finger was stuck in a live socket.

I'll be sharing some things to help you cope...

Now that so much of that is behind us, it is time to look ahead. Towards the long Winter season. The good thing is that we only have about a month left of shortening days, and then once we get through the long ass night of Yule tide darkness, we can anticipate more and more sunlight in our days, even if Winter is just beginning.

November packed a punch with a Scorpio full moon total lunar eclipse that unveiled some nasty shit. Wow, you really needed your integrity and bravery to get through that muck. Some of us may still be sifting through the surprises and curveballs thrown at us.

If you managed to make it to the New Moon unscathed, then damn, you deserve a nice big pin that says DRAMA FREE. This New Moon (November 23) was a great opportunity to escape into la la land where we can envision ourselves happy and free from misalignments.This Moon was one for us dreamers, who enjoy the fantasy of things just as much as the real physical experience. We are supported to jump into dreamy Yule energy early this year, and good thing too because we will need it...

That brings us to today.. post new moon.. and yet still on the brink of the toughest season.. Winter.

It's true that Winter is not exactly temperate or snowy here in Maui, but I feel that intensity all the same.

Preparing for Yule, the Winter Solstice, includes lots of comfy fixins. You want to be nice and cozy and comfortable in order to tap into your imagination. Play with fantasy, play with wonder and youthful glee. Concentrate on your closest friends and family. It's a time to go inward and not only be grateful for all that supports you but revel in it like you have won the lottery! This feel-good energy will reflect into your dreams and act as a foundation for the next cycle that begins after Yule.

Yule is the conception of the next cycle. What we dream, think, feel and focus on at this time becomes the foundation for everything that will happen up until this time next year.

This time of year can be very taxing, since most of the community is still very busy "gearing up" for the generic holiday season. However you celebrate, make sure to take time for yourself. You want to be in your best energy when Yule hits so that you can ENJOY IT!

Can you imagine being a cranky bitch on one of the most joyful nights of the year?

Drop in with me for a pick me up to reboot your system!

Through the end of 2022, I am offering an opportunity twice a week to drop in with yourself and re-wire some shit!

We all need a break. And not just once in a while.. we need frequent breaks to be our best.

A Bijou Blessings ReBOOT Ritual provides a space to attune to your spirit and your guides, practice energy cleansing and activating exercises, and meditate in order to recharge your mental, physical and emotional health. Like you are restarting a computer to refresh the energy, we are doing the same with the mind and body.

In these meditations I will share different breath work, body movement and meditation techniques for you to learn, love and incorporate into your every day life. It will begin with centering, move into breath work, then move into body work and complete the practice with a restorative yoga pose. I will always offer modifications so you can make the practice your own.

This practice is perfect for anyone who feels burnt out, lethargic, scattered, anxious or depressed.

When you are well rested, you function better. Take 30 minutes to save time and frustration throughout the rest of your day!

Yule is coming!

Yule calls in our wildest dreams! This is the darkest night where our inner light gets to be seen and honored! It is our own spirit and drive that will keep us warm through the winter. Connect with the element of fire to evoke your warmth, wisdom and POWER! Let your dreams run wild and bring faith back into your mind. Most importantly, believe in yourself, and believe in your dreams. The wisdom and empowerment gained at this time will project into this next Wheel of the Year. Enjoy the imaginative energy here, with no pressure to create anything just yet. Time to play!

In this Ritual we will use candle magick, guided visualization and art therapy to invigorate our creativity, playfulness and inner wisdom.

You will need:

  • red, green or yellow candle

  • smudge tool

  • journal

  • art supplies of your choice

  • comfy place to sit and lay

  • red, green and/or yellow crystals

  • cinnamon, orange or clove essential oil

You are also encouraged to include any other tokens that call to you on your altar. Significant symbols that associate with Yule are mushrooms, stars, the Sun, seasonal plants, and sweets too!

Cozy up and get ready to celebrate the longest night of the year, and the beginning of a new turn of the Wheel!

Now if that isn't enough magick for you.. the schedule your very own CUSTOMIZED ritual, curated exactly for YOU. This includes reiki and energy work and the whole shebang. That's only if you can handle all that MAGICK!

Blessed be!

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