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Moon Magic Made Easy

Hey loves!

Moon magic harnesses the natural rhythm of nature to enhance your earthly experience. Too often we can get caught in the material reality of daily life by forcing outcomes that we cling to. We forget that more factors play into the circumstances at large. It is easy to believe things are as simple as they seem; that what we see is all there is. We do not control the world though. We do not command how things unfold, how others respond or what nature will do. We can only control our own energy.

We can play with the forces around us by releasing attachment to the process and outcome we "think" is best.

To hold space for meditation and ceremony helps to release the desire for control; it calls in allowance and acceptance and attunes us to look inward rather than out. A simple meditation or visualization changes the energy within, which then reflects in our experience of reality. The more we connect to ourselves and tend to our personal essence, the easier we can flow through what surrounds us.

Why is the moon significant in this process?

What we don't always see is the energy flow of mother nature.

The Moon orbits earth in perfect harmony, in a cycle that ebbs and flows with the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. The setup is ingeniously complimentary. As the Moon orbits closer to the Earth during a full moon, tides rise, and equally so, they fall during the new moon phase. Science has concluded many ways the moon does and doesn't affect our world. From menstrual cycles to mental health episodes, there are many difficult myths to bust. This article will describe how we can use the lunar phases for manifesting and releasing based on the symbolism of proven tidal patterns.

When the tides have risen to their limit, we energetically release things, thoughts, patterns. The tides MUST switch directions in order to maintain harmony. If the tides continuously rose or fell, the balance of the natural world would destabilize and compromise our existence.

We all have a set amount of energy that animates us. Just like the set amount of water that flows around the world. It rises, falls, changes forms, yet we only began with a certain amount. Furthermore, energy itself cannot be created or destroyed.

The full moon, at its highest tidal point, brings us a moment to release. This follows the pattern that the tides have reached their limit, and will fall in order to maintain balance. We release energy at this time in order to make room for new energy to flow in later on in the cycle.

Consequently, once we reach the new moon, our releasing process renews into the invitation stage. The tides have hit their lowest limit and will bounce upward again. We have released all that we can and it is time to invite new energy to fill us back up!

This flow keeps a healthy rhythm that prevents stagnation. We can constantly grow and reinvent ourselves. We can let go of things that don't work for us and choose to call in whatever we want in place of the released energy.

Keeping it simple:

The new moon is for inviting the new.

The full moon is for releasing the old.

How can you take hold of this exciting opportunity every month!?

New moons are great for visualizing your goals and dreams. Meditate by seeing yourself as if your dreams have come true. Allow the feeling to fill you up. Place tokens on your altar that represent this desired energy.

Full moons are great for symbolically and physically releasing. You can write down words, thoughts or patterns and intentionally burn them. You can shake your body and visualize your intended energy leaving your body and mind.

You command your energy! The moon phases offer a time to mindfully give yourself that loving attention in order to do so.

I am stoked to now offer New and Full Moon Ceremony Sound Healings every month for a subscription price of $5 a month! Each video will be about 10-15 minutes long and released at least 1 day before the Moon right on my website! I will still provide loving sound healing meditations on Instagram and Youtube for free.

Consider a reiki session or tarot reading to help you gear up for the New Year and Moon Ceremony Sound Healings!

If you enjoyed this article, please comment and share with your nearest and dearest!

All my love and blessings,



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