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May: closure and alignment

Aloha witches!

May brings sparks of enlightenment, which means new information and a change of course! Your reality may shake up a bit. It's just recreating your foundation for the better. When you know better, you do better. Accept whatever reveals itself as a gift to you right now.

May 5th Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio opposite the Sun in Taurus.

A conflict between earthly simplicity and cosmic complexity! Release extremes at this time and embrace BALANCE! Moderation is key.

This Full Moon will stir up things from the past that need closure. There will be much clarity gained around these topics and situations. We can allow a shift in our consciousness connected to these themes. It could appear in the form of a shock or surprise! In spite of the curveballs, remember, this is in the sign of Scorpio, and mysteries will be solved!

And how do you get a Scorpio out of their own way? Make jokes! A great way to combat the seriousness and emotional upheavals brought on by this Scorpio energy is with humor. Lighten up as much as you can because a release is happening anyway. Lighten up by letting go of that deep attachment to whatever is most apparently changing right now.

This eclipse correlates all the way back to the November 2021 eclipse. The big themes at that time will be present in these current changes or issues. The final eclipse in this series will occur this coming Fall. We will find complete closure by then!

May 8th Mercury turns direct! and will be in shadow until May 31st.

Remain prudent until the end of the month. Pay close attention to any agreements made or endeavors beginning at this time.

Step back and examine your comfort levels, sense of security, finances, personal income, and valuables.

May 19th New Moon in Taurus

This is a great time to commit to big changes in the way you take action in your life. Bring in healthier habits! There are 3 planets, the Sun AND the North node also within the Taurus zodiac. This rare energy means that you will find what makes you feel happy and even more secure. This time is blessed for aligning with your dream life!

May 21st the Sun enters Gemini

Everyone will feel more garrulous! More social and open. Though the grounding from Taurus will transform into airy lightness, not taking as much that seriously. This is a great time to release attachments that have been bogging you down. Use meditation to clear your mind and open up to out of the box perspectives and solutions to long time problems. Try to remain connected to your intuition while still considering your amped up intellectual perspective.

Here are some journal prompts to help you move through this energy:

  1. Where is the irony in the big changes happening right now?

  2. What can I learn from that?

  3. What is a new habit I would like to foster and how can I reinforce it?

  4. What kind of an impact will it have on my life?

I am STOKED to have charged up through this past eclipse to launch 2 amazing new endeavors!

I have officially opened by private online space called Blessings Cove.

It is free to join, just create a user name and password. I will accept your request and you can read and post in the forum. This space is away from social media. This is crucial because we will NOT be censored! Everything you say will be heard from the private audience. NO ONE will troll here, NO ONE will harm you here. And if anyone does violate the peaceful agreements required to participate, they will be banished from our sacred space.

This is a space to share your craft and your goals. You can also ask questions and voice worries, fears or any anxieties for which you desire support. Please join if you want community and camaraderie for your magical practice or healing craft.

You will also receive special discounts on Bijou Blessings services and events.

Every Monday I will hold a meditation on my website as a private event to which you must RSVP. Members are invited to attend for free! and if you have not yet registered, then a donation is appreciated and appropriate as an energy exchange.


You have a big opportunity to enjoy some NEW CONTENT!

Improve your Craft is my new creation! A podcast where we can talk about techniques, information and strategies that will improve your magical and healing craft! We will dive deeply into topics, sometimes by myself and sometimes in conversation with amazing witches!

I am looking for witches to interview. Please let me know if you would like to have a conversation with me about your craft and how it can enhance the lives of other witchy witches!

Your goal is my goal in Blessings Cove! I would like to feature a witch and his/her/their goal on every episode. Let me know all about what you are trying to do and what kind of support you need. Ask and it is given! Listeners from all around the US and beyond will hear your call. It is my vision that we will step up and be there for each other when we can.

This is the baby stage of some impactful projects brewing!

I also have dreams to get more yoga teacher training and I want to hold a retreat next year!

If you are on Maui, I am going strong at Island Power Yoga in Kihei, HI.

AND I am stoked to teach an Aromatherapy Workshop at the Fairmont Kea Lani! This in depth course and experience will reinforce your confidence using essential oils in all areas of your life!

Wow I just can't believe how many amazing things are happening for Bijou Blessings. This is an incredible time to get in on the action!

I am so grateful for all the ways I am supported and given opportunities to be a better witch!

Love, blessings and ALOHA!!


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