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Libra Full Moon 4/16/22

Libra Full Moon

✨April 16th✨

This Moon brings balance to the energy exchanges in our lives. We will gain the loving confidence to let go of structures and attachments in order to make room for boundaries and beliefs that bring more harmony into our vitality and flow.

Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in the sign of Pisces on April 12th, 4 days before the Full Moon. Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces and Neptune is the current ruler, so the significance brings strong harmony and power! Neptune brings unconditional love and Jupiter brings expansion. Think of your capacity for unconditional love expanding to the farthest reaches of the Universe!! This will set us up beautifully for the shadow work we will do during the Libra Full Moon.

This conjunction unlocks hidden realms and perspectives! Spiritual awakenings are inevitable. Release forcing any decisions at this time, especially if your concerns are rooted in programmed beliefs. Allow all perspectives their recognition. Forget right and wrong. Remain open to all paths and outcomes. A new reality will open up this way, perhaps even better than you could have ever imagined!

Tension will rise as we approach the Full Moon. Libra represents balance, and for us to notice disharmony, we must really feel it. So stay grounded as things become even more clear to you. This may be a painful process, though resentments and frustrations will point you in the direction towards what needs your love and readjustment right now. Don’t worry, the tension WILL break. You can use the Jupiter- Neptune conjunct to invite better situations to fall into place.

Eris, the dwarf planet, influences this Full moon as well. Eris is the goddess of discord and strife. She is a warrior that uses her feminine instincts, rather than masculine ones. Her power comes from the heart, and gives strength, confidence and sexuality. She allows us to embrace the darker feminine energies, like alchemy, sexual expression and self assurance rather than strong cooperative and nurturing tendencies. Sometimes we need to stand firm in our power rather than be overly agreeable in order to claim our femininity and creative independence. She allows us to claim our boundaries around where we are giving too much, yielding too much, and not holding true to boundaries that will keep energy exchanges balanced. She gives us the empowerment to destroy current boundaries and set new ones with LOVE. Settle into your feminine energy, since the upcoming new moon eclipse will engage lots of masculine energy!

Libra urges us to obtain balance in energy exchanges as well. Take note of things that are out of balance. The T square with Pluto in Capricorn will also provide ample support in setting up new structures regarding boundaries.

This Full Moon invites us to acknowledge what influences us, and decide whether or not that aligns with our true desires. We can then reconstruct the boundaries of all the energy exchanges in our lives.

Journal Prompts:

  1. Which situations bring up resentment and or anger?

  2. Where or how am I giving my energy to this situation?

  3. How can I give less energy?

  4. What can I forgive in this situation?

  5. How can I forgive that aspect of myself?

  6. Metta prayer or Byron Katie's The Work towards the person on the other end of this situation.


  1. Rose quartz- loving compassion

  2. Aventurine- acceptance and ease

  3. Moss agate- transforms negative energy

  4. Selenite- making internal peace

  5. Hematite- willpower and courage

  6. Quartz- clarity and focus

Essential Oils:

  1. Coriander- warming, moves stagnant energy, makes things “taste” better

  2. Clove- warming, relieves pain, comforting, helps digestion

  3. Cedarwood- Cooling, spiritually balancing

  4. Vanilla absolute- warming, comforting

✨Time for magical updates!✨

The Reiki Witch has appointments available and a beautiful Moon Magic subscription service to enhance your magical practice! Access follow along rituals for the New and Full Moon of every month.

I am ready and excited to share magical strategies that provide understanding of how to use magical tools and energy healing practices according to specific ailments and dis-ease. These techniques include essential oils and herbs, yogic pranayama, yoga asana, chanting, spirit guide work, candle magic, journaling, body work, tarot, oracle and much more!

No two sessions are the same! We begin with a grounding conversation and then dive into ritual with a distinct opening. Energy healing exercises and reiki meditation will fill the space and by the time we close space, you will notice incredible energy shifting.

You can purchase a 3 month journey that includes a Monthly Blessings Reiki session & access to Moon Magic ceremonies. I will be there every step of the way as your on call guide for anything that comes up in between sessions.

I am now offering sound healing in collaboration with Nadia Numinous Now Yoga every Wednesday at 5 PM at Baldwin Beach park in Paia, Maui, HI! This class is donation based :)

Watch my Facebook and Instagram stories to learn when I will be going LIVE for sound healing and meditation throughout the month.

I am offering a very special live ritual on Beltane! May 1st!

🌚 Taurus new moon and 🌞 solar eclipse PLUS 🪺 Beltane!

This is the most potent moment in Spring to commit to the beginnings you desire.

The solar eclipse and new moon bring balance to feminine and masculine energies. They will unite to create in harmony.

The Taurus new moon enhances our physical prosperity. It indicates that the tangible goals in our lives will thrive when chosen now. We lock in our creativity under the moon’s feminine energy.

The Taurus solar eclipse amps up the masculine side of Taurus, as we focus on the actions we need to take and make us more aware of our environment. Prepare to notice more what is and isn’t in alignment with where you live and where you spend your time.

Beltane is mid Spring. It reminds us of the fertility within nature from which all life springs! Masculine and feminine energies come together as seen through traditions like the maypole. This part of the Wheel gives us a chance to acknowledge the new beginnings in our lives, and decide in which energy they will begin.

In ritual, I will guide you through third eye and solar plexus activations. Prepare to activate your crystals, clear your mind from distractions, empower your confidence and burn a letter to turn intentions into reality with the transformative power of fire.

Drop a comment if you have new commitments or opportunities coming up… Or if you want to invite a new beginning into your life!

Join me in ritual May 1st 12 PM HST, 6 PM EST

This is such exciting stuff! I can’t wait to share it all with you!

❣️Thank you for following, staying connected and sharing this magic with the people in your life. ❣️

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