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How to Pray the Mala

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The Mala prayer has the potential to create your reality by infusing your intention into your energy field with repetition and awareness.

108 prayer beads plus 1 guru bead makes up the Mala. The Mala comes from Buddhist traditions. It means "garland" in Sanskrit. There are many meanings of the number 108; the one I will focus on derives from Buddhist teachings. According to ancient teachings, 108 passions impede the soul from enlightenment. To chant 108 times signifies overcoming each one. To see the list of them, visit this link.

You can repeat any chant you wish, matching that with an intention. The Mala is simply a tool for you to call in what you wish. When you repeat your intention to yourself and declare it to the universe that creates the vibration within your own energy body.

Your thoughts create your reality. You think things just because that is the pattern of your mind. When you consciously choose to focus on thoughts, like a chant, your brain takes that on as a pattern. The Mala gives the opportunity to create a new pattern. To repeat a chant brings it into your mind, into your beliefs.

Traditionally, the thumb and middle finger of the right hand moves the beads towards you. Avoid using your index finger as it is the "accusatory" finger in ancient traditions. The physical sensation of the beads adds a dimension to the prayer that allows you to stay present and fully grounded in your intention and the process.

Some common mantras used for Mala are:

  • OM (sound of the universe)

  • SO HUM (I am)

  • SHANTI (peace)

  • Om mani padme hum (the sound that encompasses the universe)

  • Lokha Samasta Sukino Bhavantu (May all beings everywhere know peace)

You can chant anything you want to call in, in any language you choose. The main idea is that you are directing your thought pattern, which then reflects into your perceived reality.

Work with a set that you connect deeply with. Maybe it's made from a special kind of wood or crystal. Maybe you received it in a special way. Allow this to connect with your spiritual practice if possible.

Set space before you pray. Call in your guides and attune to your higher power. Light candles. Connect with spirit and mother earth. They are always listening, but setting an intention to connect will bring a stronger sense of infusion to your prayer.

Many Blessings,


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