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Get out of your Third Eye - Grounding for good

Hey loves!

A friend recently asked me for some grounding strategies because she had too much third eye activity. Do you ever feel like your mind is taking in so much and is so busy that it tires you out? That could be a loosey goosey third eye situation. Our chakras are sensitive. Taking an observational moment brings us clarity on what feels good and what doesn't. Her inquiry made me pause and reflect on my own grounding status. I am grateful for the inspiration. Grounding has been a major focus for me for a good while. Working with chakra energy has been very helpful. When I began my Ayurveda practice things got way more intense and have changed my sense of being!

My anxiety began to get really bad in the summer 2020. I thought I was eating pretty well and active enough but I was super fatigued and anxious. It got worse over time to where I had a middle of the night anxiety fainting spell and got hurt as a result. I talked to my ayurveda coach and got some insights that made me rethink how I looked at "healthy" food. My diet exacerbated the anxiety in my energy. I changed things up right quick. It took time and consistency. I think that's a key factor in what helped. One major change was that I went from eating lots of crackers and cold or crunchy foods to eating soft, warm brothy meals of root veggies and chicken. I can sense my body reflecting this consistency and it helps slow down all the crazy spaztic energy that had me anxious before. Lots and lots more water also has increased steadiness in my energy!

To my friend, I was able to give a few recommendations for temporary grounding. You see, there is a difference between grounding in the moment and grounding in your life. There will be times when you might get blissed out.. You know the feeling when you've had high vibrational interactions and you leave smiling through your heart? That feeling can be so energizing that you cannot sit still, your mind might be very busy… you are in fact high! High on light. The higher chakras all involve elements that are intangible. That realm of your being is out there blending with all the other swirls of elemental magic that smears off of all of us. The major higher chakras include the Throat, Third Eye and Crown. Your Heart is the center chakra and is also embodied by the element of air. Air is a light element as well and also brings the ability to sense outside of ourselves using the breath. We are all cosmically connected through our higher chakras. That's the source of the oneness vibe.

After a high vibrational experience, it is important to practice grounding in order to remember what energy is yours and what is not. Balance will allow you to enjoy the experience without floating too far away, getting confused and/or losing touch with your human experience.

You could also get lost in the Third Eye if you get stuck in thought loops, fantasies, daydreams or general mental chatter. Be super careful with this because thoughts create reality, so all these images and ideas play out in our human experience!

The Third Eye is also called the Ajna chakra. It resonates with the color indigo and the element of ether. Qualities and abilities that we can access through this energy center include psychic awareness, imagination, intuition, intellect and other aspects related to the mind. When we tap into this energy we may experience a sense of peaceful connectedness. We may feel clarity and decisiveness.

Temporary grounding will reconnect you to your body and remind you to be mindful of your present experience. Grounding in your life involves a dedicated practice in order to build or restructure the foundation of your energy. The idea of grounding also relates to bolstering the health of the Root chakra.

The Root chakra is also called the Muladhara chakra. It rules the colors red and black and the element of earth. The Root is the closest chakra to the physical earth, so it embodies the most manifest essence of ourselves, the human body, and all things tangible. The energy here brings us into our physical experience. Social foundation also plays a big role in this chakra's psychological aspects. When our Root is thriving, we feel good in our bodies and our communities. Our family unit is the first social ring in the Root chakra, then our friends and other social circles. Feeling as though we fit in plays a big part in keeping this energy center in balance. This energy reflects the idea of being rooted, having a foundation in life and in your relationships. Insecurities about your role and purpose in the world spark negative thought patterns and you could get sucked into third eye loops that manifest and maintain the reality of your insecurities. The Root is the foundation for the rest of your chakras. This one being out of balance can throw off the rest. Checking in frequently is important!

Root energy evokes an earth connection and attunement to ancient wisdom. Think of a mountain. It is still in the landscape, it doesn't blow in the wind or bounce or flow. It moves and changes very slowly or occasionally. It shows up consistently for the rest of the world. It doesn't deny it's position or role. It doesn't try to be something it's not. It fully accepts it's existence as it is and takes whatever comes and goes. This is the idea of the rooted energy that exists within you. A dual reflection of your body, which never leaves you during your life, and your spirit that is infinite.

Some awesome grounding techniques include:

  • Walking barefoot on the earth

  • Restorative yoga poses makarasana, savasana, virasana, vajrasana, dandasana, viprta karini

  • Dancing

  • Sensory mindfulness

  • Nadi Shodhana breath

  • Cedar wood, patchouli, frankincense and sandalwood essential oils

  • Eat root vegetables and hearty grains

  • Gentle music

  • Gentle workout with weights

  • Gratitude practice

  • A consistent schedule

  • Work with the colors red and black:

    • Wear them, use crystals of those colors, visualize the color surrounding you

  • Affirmations:

    • I am safe.

    • I belong.

    • I am grounded.

    • I am connected to Mother Earth.

    • The universe provides for me.

Things to avoid...

  • Praying

  • Imagining

  • Divination

  • Light meals or airy food

  • Upbeat music

  • Watching TV or lit up screens

Your Third Eye will buzz when it receives stimulus and inspiration. Allow it time to be in a quieter environment and it will reflect what it receives.

To increase the grounding in your life, keep a steady schedule. Routine helps you embody the unshakable mountain within. Make sure it is a routine that resonates with you, that you feel good about and gives you the most energy. Currently in my Ayurveda journey, I am learning how to work with the circadian rhythm of the 24 hour day cycle. It is amazing how the energy shifts every 4 hours! Ever since I've adjusted my routine to matching the activity to the energy of the day my vitality is rising! This practice grounds me into the natural flow of nature. When she says "sleep", I sleep. When she says "be creative", I dive in! My physical rhythm is grounded in nature's flow.

Restorative yoga encourages the body to find stillness and ease, relaxing into the support beneath. Providing physical support for your body and honoring it's needs will tune you into the experience you are having in it. Also working with a specific essential oil, mantra and affirmation are great practices to readjust your energy. Meditate as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed, visualizing red or black and working with a mantra like "I am safe", "I am ancient", or "I am a mountain".

Give yourself one month focusing on grounding every day and notice the shift that occurs!

Does any of this resonate with you? What is your take on grounding?

I am here for you all with reiki Blessing Sessions if your energy is low or foggy! Sessions include restorative yoga, aromatherapy, crystal grid energy, crystal bowl vibrations and hands on adjustments and reiki. Absolutely heavenly! I can customize to your intention, whether you want some grounding or uplifting vibes!

This spring and summer you will be able to find me at the Rancocas Woods festival events, and the Wenonah Farmers Market. I can't wait to work my healing tent again!

Many blessings!

I love you all!

<3 Bijou

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