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Gemini New Moon 5/30/22

Eclipse season was HEAVYYYY. A part of you is exhausted, tired and wiped out from all the intensity. A beautiful thing about life though is the new dawn every day. We move through cycles that invite rebirth, new chances, and reinvention.

If you’re wondering what to do with all the shit that came up, don’t worry, clarity is on its way. In no rush of course. Mercury retrograde will see to that! Though as cycles do continue spinning and moving forward, that too shall pass. The benefit from extreme shifts brought on by the eclipses is the increased relationship you have with yourself. You learn and discover your strengths, traumas and true desires when things change. Your reactions tell all! You cannot hide! Find a way to laugh at yourself, poke fun at your instinctual responses. This way the difficult things to look at become a little more ridiculous and light hearted. It’s ok to have a shadow side. We all have one! Befriend it and watch it turn into the cosmic joke of a lifetime.

The aspects for this new moon are…

The moon and Sun are in the same sign; Gemini. This highlights the themes of Gemini in ALL the aspects of our lives and is a great opportunity to improve communication skills.

This new moon closes out eclipse season. We can process everything that came up. We can let it settle and see it from a more objective perspective. We can integrate all that we have learned.

Gemini awakens curiosity and flow. Play will bring healing. Gently open to the little things in the daily that bring up curiosity or excitement. Stay present to notice when this comes up during your day.

Get curious about who you are becoming and how it’s happening. Drop labels you identify with. Notice how it feels to release the confines of those labels.

Since Gemini is a set of twins, let’s embrace that duality within ourselves. We have our mind and our intuition. We have the human, mortal aspect of ourselves and we have the eternal soul that illuminates our body and gives it a personality. Listen to your inner self, the infinite etherial soul essence. Let your intellect connect with the information within you. Be open to having this conversation. Invite answers to questions you have and leave space for answers to reveal themselves rather than forcing answers or following clues.

Beginners mind is helpful here. Connect with the awe in the simplest of information. Drop all preconceived notions of everything. Accept the present moment and listen to the truth within that.

We are supported when reflecting. It is important to go inward and be real with ourselves about the way we communicate.

Mars conjuncts Jupiter in Aries. These assertive and expansive energies support each other. Confidence is high and our inner cheerleader shines. Don’t be surprised if you take bold action backed by lots of faith that things will work out. Especially if you have successfully connected with the inner knowledge that ignites the passion in your life!

Mercury is in retrograde though, so we need to pay even MORE attention. Mercury retrograde brings challenges that invite us to grow through navigating them. It’s a big reminder to slow down, and bring more attention to detail.

Mercury squares Saturn which indicates friction with communication against maturity and restriction. It will be helpful to reflect on communication. Double check how you are coming across so that you aren’t misunderstood.

Pluto retrograde impacts structures of our lives by breaking things down so that you can reform for better alignment. Check your patterns, are they helping or hurting? Shake up your routine and objectively analyze it. Reflect on which patterns are consciously programmed and which are lacking intention.

Stay open to new perspectives. It’s a good time to simply reflect and tune in. You can set intentions to improve relationships and your relationship with intention and patterns. It’s a great time to begin affirmation exercises, new habits, new practices and new efforts in relationships/ communication.

Magical tools

Essential Oils:

sweet orange

clary sage





lapis lazuli


fun colors


dressing up

I love love love talking about the moon phase energies and how we can harness them for our highest good. Please like, share and use to your advantage!

Keep an ear out because I will be going LIVE on Instagram on Saturday for a very special sound healing from my own little sacred garden. This will be a great way to prepare yourself for the bountiful healing this Gemini new moon brings.

Love you all!

Many Blessings,


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