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✨Aries New Moon 4/1/22 ✨

April brings many TURNS OF THE WHEEL

1st of April - Aries New Moon

15th of April - Celtic Tree Month of Willow begins

16th of April - Libra Full Moon (The Wind Moon)

17th of April - Easter Sunday

19th of April - Taurus Season begins

22nd of April - Earth Day

29th of April - Pluto goes retrograde (a inwardly transformative cycle begins, surrender to big changes and challenges that happen suddenly. Goes direct October 8th, 2022)

30th of April - Taurus New Moon AND Solar Eclipse 10 degrees in Taurus.

1st of May - BELTANE Fire Festival (May day)

The Aries New Moon is the astrological new year and directly follows the Vernal Equinox in the northern hemisphere. It’s a “new beginning” where you need one and a starting point for noticing growth in the goals you may have set during Imbolc in midwinter. What do you wish to start right now? What do you have room to grow in your life?

Strong manifestation energies are present with the combination of the Vernal equinox and Aries new moon. Take advantage with mindful visualization and goal setting, mapping out the steps of how to get where you want to go. The Aries active energy can give us the boost we need to complete the actions necessary to obtain our desires.

Aligned with Mercury and Chiron. This is a time to share our personal experience with others so as to release the trauma stored up from them. Sharing our truth will set us free!

The Mercury influence increases social interactions and Chiron brings up wounds, deep wounds, whether old or new. Be careful not to project your hurt onto other people. Feel through it so that you can take this opportunity to heal. Your awareness alone around this concept will direct you towards liberation from the traumas that surface.

Whatever comes up these days, make space for yourself to own it. Journal, draw, dance it. This is a message that’s telling you what to do and where to go. It’s telling you how you can heal yourself and also heal others. We are all in this together. Your authentic journey weaves into those of everyone else. When you heal, we all heal. You access deeper compassion and empathy when you self sooth. Healing practices at this time will benefit your most intense traumas Through this process, yes it will be painful, but you will grow and strengthen your awareness, love, and ability to connect with yourself and others.

May you be granted peace through it all, contentment with the knowledge that the only way out is through, but you will get there, and self love for all the experiences that brought you to this beautiful version of yourself.

Join me for ceremony on my website’s Moon Magic Channel.

✨Some journal prompts for this moon:

  1. What has caused me deep pain in my life, and how does it show up in the pattern of my experiences?

  2. What is a healing activity that I can commit to? (commit to 30 days of this practice)

  3. What do I want to grow in my life? What do I want to grow into? What are major steps towards that version of myself? What can I do to obtain the first step?

✨For this moon you will need:

  • blue candle for honesty

  • smudge

  • journal


  • fluorite- process difficult emotions and truth

  • lapis lazuli- speaking your truth

  • aquamarine- courage and truth

  • black tourmaline- stability and safety

✨Essential oils:

  • chamomile- soothing

  • sandalwood- honesty

✨Time for magical updates!✨

The Reiki Witch has appointments available and a beautiful Moon Magic subscription service to enhance your magical practice!

My craft focuses on guiding rituals for personal empowerment. You can access this through a Blessings Reiki Session OR subscribing to Moon Magic.

I am ready and excited to share magical strategies that provide understanding of how to use magical tools and energy healing practices according to specific ailments and dis-ease. These techniques include essential oils and herbs, yogic pranayama, yoga asana, chanting, spirit guide work, candle magic, journaling, body work, tarot, oracle and much more!

No two sessions are the same! We begin with a grounding conversation and then dive into ritual with a distinct opening. Energy healing exercises and reiki meditation will fill the space and by the time we close space, you will notice incredible energy shifting.

You can purchase a 3 month journey that includes a Monthly Blessings Reiki session & access to Moon Magic ceremonies. I will be there every step of the way as your on call guide for anything that comes up in between sessions.

I am now offering sound healing in collaboration with Nadia Numinous Now Yoga every Wednesday at 5 PM at Baldwin Beach park in Paia, Maui, HI! This class is donation based :)

Watch my Facebook and Instagram stories to learn when I will be going LIVE for sound healing and meditation throughout the month.

This is such exciting stuff! I can’t wait to share it all with you!

❣️Thank you for following, staying connected and sharing this magic with the people in your life. ❣️


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