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April Beginnings

April has a lot of planetary shifts! I will cover the ones that feel most impactful to me.

First of all, April brings Spring to full swing. Notice what is warming up in your life. Which friendships are deepening? Which projects are coming to life!? It is important to stop and smell the flowers as they bloom all around you. Enjoy the growth process and savor the little successes along the way. 💫

Mercury will be in Taurus this entire month, including a bit of retrograde time. The pre-shadow brings a slow and steady energy before the retrograde forces things to a halt. Ground down. Make time for pleasure, for healing and for whatever comes up. TAKE YOUR TIME!

The Libra Full Moon on April 6th offers strength for healing breakthroughs. It highlights how you show up in relationships. This will be tested. Stay aware and notice any outdated attitudes or patterns. Only you can direct your Self. If you act from a place of empowerment, you can choose how to respond rather than react from subconscious patterns.

Aries hosts a New Moon and Solar Eclipse on April 19-20! This is a monumental event as it influences the next 18 months. Set intentions for this cycle. For the things coming to an end at this time, reflect on the lessons, the ways you’ve grown.. say goodbye with gratitude. Embrace the new opportunities that result from these changes.

Taurus season begins April 20th as well. If you haven’t yet felt the grounding influence of Mercury in Taurus, you will be pulled back down to earth by this time. Prioritize earthy healing techniques like walking barefoot, gardening, herbalism and restorative yoga. Nurture your Self. Also, organize your finances! The abundance of Taurus will bless those who are ready and motivated to work hard, be grateful and take their time to make wise decisions.

In all this amazing movement, or rather, restoration, I will be slowing down by taking a break from my stringent schedule to visit my family in New Jersey. As some of you may know, my dad is not well and it is important for me to return to my roots, my childhood home, and be present during this very tender time. So I will not be teaching yoga in person after April 16th until some time in May.

On an exciting note! I will be launching a fabulous online coven where we can hang out and share our magical practices! If you want community, support and magical education, please consider becoming a member of Blessings Cove, my online coven. I will share live meditations and tarot readings once a week and also feature a witch of the week to help support each of you with your goals.  This is a FREE space where we will learn and practice together. It will come with an optional app you can have right on your phone to access all the magick!

Official Launch will be on the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse! I will hold a meditation on the day to welcome everyone in!

As always, I'd love to hear how this resonates and how I can support you through the month. You can book a private session with me in person or on line!

Also, for my NJ people! I am getting ready to hold space for a public event at the Thyme Travelers Conservatory grand opening week! We are still working out the details. I will announce updates on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. Stay tuned! These ladies have been working night and day to set this space. Their store will feature all things plants, eco-conscious and art driven.

Wow! So much to say! I am grateful for you all!

Keep shining my lovely witches! 💫

Blessed be

Bijou 💛

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