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Chakra Yoga Explained

Hey loves!

The Chakras get a lot of press and seem to be a buzz word in the healing realm. I am so glad they are because this concept breaks down this experience in a digestible way. By this experience, I mean this time around on Earth in attempt to be a better person than we were in our past lives, to clear Karmic baggage and ascend to Wisdom and Grace.

It's hard to examine our existence, point blank with zero frame of reference. My mind usually trails specific situations that tend to habituate into routines or learned responses, often losing sight of the big picture or getting distracted from simple pleasures due to random mental chatter. The Chakras give me a backdrop to place my patterns onto a rainbow of inter-related and scaffolded parts of me. It is the signature of the perfect balance of the universe that the Chakra system reflects the prism of light. In Yoga, your inner most pure essence is Light. Namaste means "the light in me honors the light in you". It is blatantly divinely aligned that our energetic body reflects the essence of the light spectrum, ROY G BIV and beyond.

The patterns of my mind indicate the energy within. When I look at the mind, I determine the related Chakra based on the theme of the mind stuff. For example, if my mind is worrying about my house being safe and I'm taking extreme measures and stressing over keeping my house under surveillance and extra fortification, then I will relate that to the category of primal needs of shelter and safety, which live in the Root Chakra. When you can put your mind stuff into a category, you have already owned that your thoughts are not you and that you have the power to redirect your energy and existence.

The mind is the door to higher awareness. Master the mind's habits and responses with mindfulness practice. Taking charge of your attention and telling the mind what it will focus on begins the process of breaking old patterns and creating new ones that you choose. When practiced over enough time one can completely reprogram the mind. Guided meditations are great for this kind of mind exercise! Train the brain to follow your intention by deciding to listen to the voice of your guide and take the suggestions presented. The more you consciously direct your attention, the easier and more automatic this will become, rendering you MASTER of your mind!

This of course takes lifetimes of practice.

Let's practice today with a guided meditation that will clear and balance each chakra using guided visualization.

If this interests you further, download my E-Book, Chakra Yoga for $10 for an all encompassing guide to work with each Chakra and a run down on holistic healing modalities that will super charge your healing journey.

I am super passionate about this topic and look forward to creating more content about this. I invite you to end this year, 2019, on a healing vibe, to start 2020 in alignment with your higher consciousness. Book a healing session with me to empower your self-healing capabilities!

Please enjoy, be well and share this with friends!

Many Blessings,


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