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The Sun returns... with chickweed.

Hey loves!

This Spring has been reluctantly getting started, but the Sun has definitely removed the Winter chill. It's been refreshing to take short walks identifying the plants featured so far in my herbalism course. At our first class we put together a chickweed oil infusion. Since then, I have made plans for my first batch. My Teacher at the Malvern Sweat Lodge experiences an R.A. condition, and I was inspired to make him a blend for pain relief using the chickweed oil as a carrier.

It's funny how the Universe puts things right in front of you just so you can carry it to someone else. With each new plant I learn about, I find a person who could benefit from it's use! As the days get longer, I will spend longer periods of time outside identifying and harvesting, and I'm sure the more I create, the more people will need!

Do you experience rheumatoid arthritic pain of any kind?

Chickweed is an anti-inflammatory, oxidant, and repairs damaged tissue. Used as a carrier in combination with essential oils like ginger, frankincense, or sweet orange, it can affectively replace NSAID pain relievers!

You can pick up a blend for rheumatic pain from me at the Merchantville Market Off Centre, or email me directly to order! Look for my Market Schedule on Facebook!

Many Blessings


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