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Belated Spring Equinox

Greetings loves!

It's been a few days since the Spring Equinox. It has taken that long for me to feel that Spring arrives. I like to use the active voice (as opposed to the passive voice "Spring is coming") to show the ongoing action of Spring, sensed subtly and gradually. We, in New Jersey, received a lovely 6-10 inches of snow on March 22nd, two days after the Spring Equinox. It did not feel like Spring arrives on that day, but it arrives today! Just 3 days after the heavy snow fall, I can sense the movement on the top layer of soil. Finally! The grass crawls, the bugs are roaming, the wind whispers in a softer way, and the air tastes a tad warmer. The sky is blue today, and much of the snow has melted.

I feel called to highlight Grapefruit oil for this Spring Equinox through to Summer. It cleanses and makes me think of Spring cleaning. While we are busy cleaning our closets, homes cars, yards, we should internally cleanse the stagnant energies built up from sedentary Winter practices. Grapefruit oil cleanses the liver and kidneys. The BLOOD. Our essence. It purges negativity, revitalizes and refreshes the Mind and Spirit, and emboldens positive feelings.

You can embrace Grapefruit by blending it with... anything! It is one of the most complimentary oils in blending. It matches well with just about any other oil. My favorite combinations with Grapefruit are Clove (great for digestion) and Lavender (great for cleaning and depression). You can also put a few drops in the shower/bath, or 1 drop in 10 oz of drinking water.

After immersing yourself in grapefruit for a week or so, you should feel completely renewed. Please leave a comment or post on IG telling how you use your grapefruit oil! Don't forget to add #bijoublessings :)

Honor to Ostara,

Many blessings


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