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Springtime happenings

Greetings loves!

February is an exciting month for me as I will be featured on a radio show and holding a seminar! This month is all about oils as well! These are three upcoming events. If you are in the area, and would like a night dedicated to an in depth essential oil experience, sign up for the seminar!

Bijou will be focusing on essential oils for special needs!

Everything Special Needs will also be hosting a Wellness Fair during February in Haddonfield- more details on Facebook!

$50- learn the basics of blending and aromatics and create your own product!

Please register ahead of time!

Visit our table to learn how blending your own products reduces your carbon footprint.

Please call Bijou at 856-220-0066 to book a private wellness appointment or party!

I hope this month serves you well! Look out for a blog post about how essential oils can relieve stresses for people with special needs!

Many Blessings


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