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Bijou's Mantra for Peace

Hey loves!

Just wanted to share Bijou's Mantra for Peace, since I'm feeling like January has been a transitional and intense month for us.

Find a quiet time to sit with yourself and do a few minutes of mindful meditation. Allow yourself to recognize what thoughts or if any difficult feelings disrupt your ability to focus on the present.

When you feel ready, repeat the following mantra a few times, being as mindful as you can each time.

Mantra for Peace

I release all difficult feelings for ______, or any situation involving _____.

I release hate and fear. I embrace my truth and listen with an open heart. I forgive and live in the present moment. I invite love, compassion and peace. I am confident and trust the flow.

As the mantra feels more comfortable to say, begin to match it to your breathing and close your eyes. Repeat the mantra to yourself in meditation for a few minutes. Allow yourself to become the mantra. Notice any images, colors or feelings that come and go. Be here for as long as feels good.

When you feel ready, begin to notice the support beneath you, and the temperature of the air in the room, and bring yourself back to your surroundings. Notice how you feel. Write the mantra down or draw and decorate it to enhance your positive vibrations! Put it somewhere you can see.

Use this as regularly as needed and enjoy! This can really apply to any and all situations. We often allow difficult feelings to takeover our thought pattern, but it brings healing when we recognize and consciously free them to make room for positive vibrations. Your words will resonate and reconstruct your reality!

Let me know if you try it and how it works for you! Do you notice a difference in your interactions or experiences with this pain, fear or difficult situation?

I would also love to know your variations to it!! Please share!

Many blessings!


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